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Tape _174


Stuart Parmenter

The contributions that Ive made to Netscapes browser
basically include the part of the browser that its
moving along 45.0 think that the biggest thing
that Ive contributed is just basically time an
effort and knowledge that have into the GTK code
which they were planning on using but didnt know
iything about at the time It was something like
brand new-i-re er-tcCfEn So think basically my
biggest contribution has really just been pushing that
and getting it done and usable to point where they
putting engineers on it and helping out and
Yah faster and just overall in general better
Just better quality speed everything improved the
browser totally 7.D
la _01 Well basically Netscape the reason--their biggest
problem with developing GTh is the fact that it is
fairly new and currently theres no books or
reference manuals on GTK So basically---I havent
been there since the ground up totally but Ive been
there for quite while so Ive followed it and
understand it pretty well how it works Which has
given me the advantage of not needing these reference
books which Netscape would give their engineers and
that way they could learn it Oh well if they have
this giant overhead of having to sit down and spend
lots of time picking up all the little things--and you
know its pretty easy thing to learn to start off
with--but as you want to start doing the things that
---------- ______ ____
Netscape its code requires you to do that takes
lot more than just the simple basic level But there
are some books being put out onGTlçjqhich-think
will help out---speed up the development process for
Yah think that with development in general and the
way that all the code works somebodys first got to
figure it out before you can have book for it And
since its still evolving and it probably wont stop
anytime soon But its got to be that point and then
youve also got to find person who can write book
well enough to explain it to others that understands
the code and how its supposed to work so that they
actually can write something useful for everyone else
Okay my ccntributions to Netscape has pretty much
been on all of .on the platform that Ive been
working on which is Unix platforms it has weve
provided the entire rendering to make everything
display just basically the entire way it displays
everything Weve done this code basically by putting
in time and effort just over as much as we had time
to do over about month or two That was the core
make it--start from the ground and build up at that
point And once we got to that level then we
actually started getting some help from inside of
Netscape and theyve got people now working on it and
so its grown good deal
Basically what weve done is created it so that it
does use less lines of code and it runs faster that
way because it doesnt need all the excess that was
there previously
The contributions that Ive made for Netscape have
basically been to reduce the overall overhead of the
code by reducing its amount and basically instead of
having lots of quantity weve lot better quality
So if you reduce the amount of code in there and
increase the effectiveness and optimized it so that it
does run much faster than it did
think that the gift that Ive been given is just
great great thing And think its what Ive been
doing and think thats just what what want to
continue doing think when got into it in the
first place it wasnt one of those things where you
just sat down and did it every once in while it
something you kept doing and it just kept on and ci
think its not some
personality trait or its just me maybe don
think its something that anybody everybody can do
think its just certain people thats what they
like to do it and so think they do it and if they
it enough and keep on they eventually get to high
level of skill and understanding of how it works
always come pretty easy to me Ive never
any major problems doing math think it has
been pretty easy thing ever since was or
whatever in kindergarten And think from there
its really just kept going Ive never had any
problems really doing it whereas with English or
do 40
something like that Ive always struggled little bit
more to comprehend than have with math and other
dont know think that maybe from fifth grade or
so Math has always just been pretty easy In sixth
grade when entered middle school they put in
certain group of kids on to more advance math classes
than the other groups of students And was among
thay Maybe that sort of put me apart But you
really Ive never really given it muchthought
as to really being great at math or anything Its
ust something that has come to me and have given tic
it much thought
Silicon Valley is just whole area to itself and its
hard to really imagine since havent ever been
there So dont really have any great answer to how
it might look or the environment at all Just because
Ive never been there expect theres lots of
company here and people running around with just
information everywhere Which is something that Ive
always gathered--just being able to pick up on
information quickly and keep up with everything or
try and keep with everything So think itd be
really an interesting place and look forward to
possibly going out there sometime soon and just
meeting everyone people at Netscape that Ive worked
closely with and just seeing whats there
work at company called Interex which is here in
Cartersville Georgia and basically what do is Im
System Administrator for most of our servers here We
provide Internet access to customers who want to dial
up to the Internet get e-mail or businesses that
want to do web pages or anything like that
Basically Ive been here since just about the
beginning nd still here and Ive watched it
grow from three people to think probably tens of
thousands or so Watch grow from the very bottom--
you know just see it take off The Internets really
growing and its amazing to just sit her nd how
fast it is growing
started working at Interex in 9th grade when was
14 And we had maybe 200 customers when started
working and think now were over 10000 customers
and thats growing almost exponentially right now due
to some recent things that have happened So think
it is--its just growing incredibly fast
Interex is an Internet service provider that basically
just helps put people on-line so that they can access
the Internet
Basically what do here is basically administrate
all the servers her and make sure they are running or
if they need up-grades or whatever usually handle
that do software on things that need to be done
with the servers or make them do something differently
or whatever so go in and change code lot and just
make sure everythings going