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Tape 013 - Clip 1

 Youre gonna check on the .säiging4n process
LT Right whats happening is that weve given everybody instructions to go sign
and the tools should display the state of sign...that the files are being signed
but we need to make sure that urn all the files that the tool actually works And
its difficult to test because the files werent in fact signed before we you know
before we did it so what Im gonna do right now is just take dry run through the
prognAiThe-by-hand with and engineer to make sure the tool...shows up right
This is major part of engineering is knowing where you are
LT Its everything right the worst was explaining to Tara earlier the worst part is
when you have ground have ground hog day when you wake upyt4ay.and
you got into meeting and nothing seems to have changed
LT to test some signing of files
Signing of files
Y1 L\ Yeah want to sign off on files and make sure my tool is working properly are
you ready to sign off on some files
have some files that could sign
7LT Youre dead sure of them they have the license in them and stuff if you could just
rt sign like two or three could check to make sure my tool..
Sure yeah no problem
phone call
working on files
Im absolutely sure
LT That these are OK You want to touch them first
Oh dol
LT Yeah do you see any stiiffontheTh make sure theres no references
flCfc C7
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Tape 13 3/10/98
Going through all the proper steps here doing the good engineering thing ..The
could be still in there Yeah just those two...OK now need to touch them
LT Right and youre sure that Jamie put the license in and everything...OK good
Go -4i This is the moment of truth
LT The moment of truth right And lets just see the state on the map board to make
sure would be scary right now if this didnt work..
LT There it is All right so and youre gonna sign off youll get most of your stuff
signed in tonight do you think
Urn have an issue to resolve in my resource directory
LT But you can sign everything but that Ijust want to get everything down sign as
much as you can so that we can get it...get the number down so that we know
where the problem spots are wont know where the problems are until we get the
last 10% So want to get the good 90% out of the way
Im probably going to sign around 500 files tonight
Did it work
LT Yeah
LT OK so need to test to make sure that the signing process works and so what we
had what we did was we went through the signing process of um two files that
Garret was gonna needed to sign off on and so hes done that urn we watched to
make sure that the original got bumped in dot and urn and they have and so
that part works and now what we have to do is go and make sure that the tool
reports it So the engineers part we sure of works and thats OK and now we
have to go back to the hostage list and make sure that its updating properly
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Tape 13 3/10/98
So Lloyd are those like the first two files that have been signed
LT You da man
All right
think so was looking at tinder box and tinderbox hadnt reported any signed
fi1e So just wanted
LT JS6 what probably ought to do is go back to my desk Do you want to go...which
is across the highway urn where Ive got my tools and stuff where can actually
It might be boring to watch me program..
Well actually what Im going to do is run couple of scripts
camera directions
So that Euphoria might be misplaced at the moment
TH Well no mean we are definitely making good progress but its that last like little
chuck that really starts blowing your mind and makes you be here at 400 in the
Do you think youll be here late tonight
TH Oh yeah rest of the week may not get home
Til Well we got down to 31 bugs from 90 so thats huge accomplishment however
we have 30 bugs to do in the next uh two and half days...broken...conVentional
wisdom say that the last 10% of the bugs to 10% of the bugs are the hardest ones
to fix So if we dont get down to 30 bugs in the next or down to 10 bugs in the
next 36 hours were kind of in trouble
Netscape Documentary
Tape 133/10/98
Hi did Michael send you
TH No Imjust coming to give moral support wow what crowd
Whats happening Jim
Im really happy Guess what Im doing Im looking at Meg files
JR Torn Pixleys working the major typical players of last night were Hubert Shaw
and Raman urn Tom Pixley just came down to help us with some problems were
having were clicking on links and were not making progress were not quite
sure what we broke At the same time as thats going on Raman is working with
Rick Pots and Rick Pots is historically the big windows person on the Java
installation So hes very cornpetent at that area so were just trying to get both
results working And Gordon just came in because he was going to get thin mint
for free but hes also the Mac Weenie whos gonna bring us through our Mac
woes So guess you followed her over and she had...shes wondering how
were making progress So right now were desperate enough that were going to
specialists in certain areas Were having trouble with the debugger the debugger
is this thing that....allows you to see whats going on inside the system its sort of
like diagnostic tool and its in the system and some people are dealing...its
multi threaded problem and so theres all different things going on multi-threaded
debugger magically is able to poll all the different platforms at the sante time The
tool isnt quite working and its making more work..
is there gonna be action around here tonight
At the current rate guess that there will because well be moving forward to trying to get
the builds going everywhere and...right now we dont have answers