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Netscape Documentary Transcript

Tape 1: Michael Toy All Hands Meeting 3/5/98
MT: ' Somebody kill that camera man and get his film. So I've mentioned this before
there's going to be some sort of documentary so that we can't lie about what
happened later in the future, and there starting filming next week, and they're
beating their deadline, this is the early beta release of their filming experience. So,
you may see them, you can't assume that someone from PR is going to watch the
film and take out all the things that YPllshouldn't have said you need to have
some level of care about what you say.
(comments & laughter)
?: Is it possible to maybe set up a bug system that would be publicly available that
maybe the public is fiddling with.
MT: Talk to terry in licensing about that. We said that there would be, and terry is
working it, but I can't say what terry's current thinking is.
?: Comment & laughter
JZ: David if you assume that most of the work is going to be done at Netscape in the
steady state then we're wasting our time.
LT: He's not saying in the steady state, he's just saying ...
?: But I don't know that you.'r.e right even in the long term, Jamie, ... JZ: Right, it's true that it might be that in a year from now most of the work is still done
inside Netscape. But if that's true, there is no point in giving the source away.
?: That's not a valid statement, I don't agree with that.
MT: an escalation level release, and will not contain any new features. In the mail
news space where there are servers shipping in that quarter that need our clients in
The net in general has declared that large bloated communicators are a bad thing,
and so Netscape is going to hear them in this way. We're not going to ship large,
bloated communicators anymore, the first thing we're going to ship on the net is a ,,\I L\D\ .
Netscape Documentary
Tape; 1: Michael Toy All I:Iands Meeting 3/5/98
[large bloated navigator (laughter)!md the mail news team when they're done with
--""'+...will then in full view of the N~t make a mail only client that isn't a large bloated
communicator or connected to a large bloated communicator using components that
are being developed right now in this building for layout and network access and,
the lie that we told when we said that there is a thing called communicator that's all
these different things will begin to be true because there actually will be a Navigator
and a messenger and if you only want the messenger and not to get navigator you
can do that, if you only use Fred's messenger and Bob's Navigator you can do
that. So the features that go in 4-5 come back into the Net not as reattaching
themselves to 5-0 and make a big, bloated 6-0 communicator, but as reappearing on
the net as a separate component. Does that answer your question?
...when we build a tip in 5-0, do we include mail and news?
LT: No 5-0 currently will build without mail and news.
LT: The tip is what we call Moz medium, which is mail and news plus composer. point is do we internally build communicator that way?
MT: There is no one watching the mail and news source code on the tip. That, those net
code is dead.
JZ: So, Michael, why aren't' we giving away that dead source code that doesn't
LT: Don't go there
MT: The plan is to go there if possible. There are some very bad road blocks and we'd
be happy to talk about it, because it's been really evil, and it's been painful the last
couple of days. I still want that to happen.
JZ: So we can talk about that.
JR: I though you were going to answer a question. ~D~il in .the details, 4:5 branch,
prior to a lot of the landing of 4.05
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Netscape Documentary
Tape 1: Michael Toy All Hands Meeting 3/5/98
Mf: It's their plan to pull from the 4.0x maintenance tree, occasionally, once a month,
as it seem appropriate.
JR: Well, they missed a pile of changes in Java, I mean they were already way behind,
are they going to, they're not going to come back and land, how many different
places am Isupposed to check in to.
Mf: OK, just the 4.0 branch ..
JR: OK, it's good that you both answered differently ...(laughter)
Mf: Then I'm not going to say anything, don't ask me, Idon't know the answer.
TH: Jim, go talk to Chris Hoffman about this
JR: I'm really hoping that management is going to bring this together and cut these
numbers down, because right now, the numbers are growing, and other people
can't move these changes around safely, they are going to be very sorry when we
?: So you think that Java and everything outside of mail and news should be checking
LT: We are checking the 4.05 and we are checking into 5.0 the tip, OK, and we're not
handling all the pulls, even though AWG is going to land an monster on 4.05
becoming 4.06, someone else is going to move the monster that was too hard ...
Mf: or they may ask you for help, but they have the responsibility to pull from the
maintenance, 4.0x maintenance release to 4.5
?: The plan is to try to get customers weaned off of...
Mf: The first interesting question is is there somebody who's going to do this, or is it
gonna fall through the cracks and not happen. Someone need to pay attention to
what this need to be done. They are absolutely doing it. They are watching the tip.
They may very well come to you and say, oh please Jim, it's going to take me 6
months to do it...
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Netscape Documentary
Tape 1: Michael Toy All Hands Meeting 3/5/98
JR: Actually, group that really did the work .
...what the plan to actually make it down to 20 bugs by tomorrow?
MT: Aw! I actually almost made it out of the room! OK, (laughter) no later. ..
TH: There is a set of latered bugs, and if any of those bugs are latered and they don't
have my name on it, I'm going to slap you. Latered means it's a third party thing.
MT: I hope that people are understanding that they can file a bug against me, because
they are really uncomfortable about something, will flush a lot of the I basically did
11 of my work, there's one thing I'm a little uncomfortable about so I'm not closing·
the bug, bug. So all those bugs should be either reassigned to me, or closed as I've
sanitized that and have a new bug filed against me. Urn, the other thing to do is to
keep the pressure on the open bugs. The reality of software development is it's
done when it's done. And I would really like the number to be 20, and if it's not
20 tomorrow, then it's really unlikely that we're making 313, but I can't make it go@
vi, ',"I P re~:~uCe. ~I to 20 if it can't possibly go to 20. The only people who can make it go to 20 are
you pegple, and I trust you people, to do the right thing. If it can't be 20, then it's
?: the 4.0S"bug list is at 20.
MT: Great! let's get 4.05 binaries and tell 'em its the source code! (laughter) we'll just
disassemble the binaries and say there! It's source code! Victory!
MT: On Monday, may need to craft an apology, that's a really good idea. If
it looks like they're not going to make it
LT: You say instead of a press release crafting an apology ...
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